External Beam Radiotherapy


External beam radiotherapy (EBRT) is the common form of radiotherapy used to treat prostate cancer.   Drs. Goyal and Patel offer the most advanced form of EBRT.


Drs. Lav Goyal and Vivek Patel are board certified in radiation oncology and are experts in using intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with daily image guidance to successfully cure prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Experts team have assembled one of the most experienced and well-trained physicians in the country dedicated to curing your prostate cancer.

Aside from our board certified radiation oncologists and advanced radiation equipment for imaging and radiation delivery, our clinical staff includes oncology-certified nurses, certified therapists, oncology-licensed dieticians, social workers, genetic counselors, oncology research coordinators, nurse navigators, board certified dosimetrists, and PhD level physicists.

The cure rates for external beam radiotherapy are as good, and in many cases, superior to radical prostatectomy.  With The Prostate Cancer Experts team, our rates of cure are among the best anywhere.


With radiotherapy, no invasive surgery, penile catheters, anesthesia, or post-op recovery is required.  Additionally, the rates of impotence compared to surgery are much less and incontinence almost never occurs.

With EBRT, multiple beams of photon radiation are focused on the prostate.  The treatment is completely non-invasive!!


Prior to the start of treatment, a CT simulation (planning session) is performed.  Our team uses the latest 4D CT available anywhere.

A CT simulation allows our radiation therapy team to precisely position the patient and obtain a scan that will be utilized to plan treatment. During the simulation process, an individualized custom immobilization devices are created in order to ensure accurate patient positioning for daily treatment. Once these devices are created and our team verifies the treatment position, a CT scan of the treatment area is obtained. This scan will then be transferred to the treatment planning software.

The next stage is the actual treatment planning. The simulation scan can be fused with other imaging studies such as an MRI or even prior CT to ensure that the radiation oncologist is able to evaluate the anatomy within the pelvis and as well as to ensure that all areas of disease are identified. During this process, both the areas of disease as well as the normal organs are accurately and meticulously demarcated. The entire radiation therapy team also reviews these images.

Thereafter, the treatment planning begins. We utilize the most advanced form of treatment planning and delivery with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). This method entails computer software to map the areas of disease and then create plans that help ensure adequate dose to areas of disease while minimizing dose to normal healthy organs in areas of close proximity to the disease.

In treating patients with prostate cancer, we aim to ablate the disease, while sparing normal structures such as the bladder, penile bulb, rectum, anus, small bowel, and femoral heads that are adjacent to our target area. We usually review multiple plans composed of numerous beam angles in order to obtain the best possible treatment plan for all of our patients.

Once the radiation oncology team is satisfied with treatment plan, we commence radiotherapy. Patients are positioned for treatment utilizing their immobilization device. Our team utilizes image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) along with IMRT in order to ensure that the internal anatomy is accurately positioned. This verification is completed by the use of a low dose cone beam CT scan. Both the physician and our experienced radiation therapists check these images daily.

Depending on the stage of disease, treatment may take up to 8 weeks. Treatment is delivered Monday through Friday and takes about 15-20 minutes of time. We will work together to schedule daily treatments at a time that is convenient for our patients.

We aim to be timely and provide complimentary valet for our patients in order to deliver the most efficient care. While patients are undergoing treatment, a physician will see the patients for a formal evaluation once a week.

Please see our reviews:

-“Dr. Goyal is an extremely knowledgeable and caring doctor. He knows what works for cancer treatments and works very well with the treatment team. He is personable during office visits with his patients.”

-“The entire family (valet to valet) made you feel you were the most important person on the planet during your visits for treatment. You could feel their love, support, and compassion. Very pleased with the care that was provided. Dr. Goyal is my man.”

-“I really appreciate the way Dr. Goyal lays out your options for you. He presents his preferred treatment plan but also discusses different options and the pros and cons of each and how it may affect your situation. The information is presented clearly in terms you can understand without a medical dictionary. He is very easy to talk to and is always available to answer any questions. I usually just email him and he promptly responds.”

-“Dr. Goyal and his staff have a very excellent attitude towards the treatment. All of the people involved including the accelerator technicians are very positive and make what could be a scary and uncomfortable experience not so. I had 7 1/2 weeks of treatment and every morning was a pleasant experience”

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