Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Radical prostatectomy is surgery to remove the prostate gland.

In this operation, our surgeons at Holy Cross Hospital remove the entire prostate along with some tissue surrounding the gland, the seminal vesicles (small glands that help produce semen) and nearby lymph nodes at the same time.

A critical aspect of surgery at Holy Cross Hospital is our ability to tailor for your particular stage of cancer.   The location, size, and other features of your cancer will be considered to design an operation that is appropriate for your individual tumor.

Prior to surgery, we will review your PSA records, biopsy slides and all of your imaging. Our surgeons will work with our pathology and radiology colleagues to provide a more personalized approach to treatment.

Radical prostatectomy requires a high level of technical precision.

The prostate is surrounded by nerves and structures that are important to your ability to urinate and have erections.  We take extreme care to minimize injury to the tissues surrounding the prostate that can lead to side effects, such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

At Holy Cross Hospital, our surgeons have been trained with the latest techniques which result in a dramatic reduction in the number of complications.

Our Approach to Radical Prostatectomy

Our prostate surgery team includes experts in robot-assisted surgery.  In every surgery, our goal is to remove your cancer completely and preserve normal urinary and sexual function.

We use the latest techniques to preserve the tiny nerves and blood vessels around the prostate that help control erections. These advances have made many of the complications of prostate cancer surgery less common and more manageable.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Options

In minimally invasive surgical procedures, several small incisions are made in your abdomen.

A tiny, lighted telescopic camera called a laparoscope, along with specially designed

surgical instruments that a surgeon uses to perform the operation are also then carefully inserted.

With robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy, you are far less to experience discomfort after the surgery.  Your recovery goes from what used to take weeks to now only a few days.   Many men who have their prostates removed in a minimally invasive operation are able to return home the following day.

Using the da Vinci® Surgical System,  our surgeons perform a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy while seated at a console that has a viewing screen as well as hand, finger, and foot controls. The screen projects a 3D image, magnified tenfold, of the prostate and the surrounding area. This allows our surgeons to view the surgical site in great detail.

The robot then translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist, and finger movements into real-time movements of the instruments inside the patient.

Dr. Ishai Ross at Holy Cross is a 5-star rated urologist and a national leader in performing robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy.  He uses his specialized training in performing robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy.  He is one of the busiest practices in radical prostatectomies in south Florida.

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